Messebo Cement Factory

COMPANIES of Endowment Fund For Rehabilitation Of Tigrai

EFFORT Corporation is committed to contribute to the sustainable development efforts in the region. In light of the changing business environment along with changes and development of the country's social, political and economic aspects as well as the global trends EFFORT Corporation has clearly stipulated its mission, vision and core values to be strictly adhered and committed by all its shareholders, management and employees

SUR Construction P.L.C.

The company is qualified for the highest degree of quality construction ensuring a high degree of interaction with its clients

Addis Pharmaceutical Factory P.L.C. (APF)

Produces safe, effective and quality drugs and has an annual production capacity of 1.2 billion tablets, 19 billion ampoules, 10 million vials, 500,000 capsules, 4million ointment tubes and 9.6 million bottles of syrup.

Hiwot Agricultural mechanization P.L.C.

Engaged in the production of food and industrial crops using mechanized farming system

Ezana Mining Development P.L.C. (EMD)

Well equipped with the state-of-the-art geophysical, chemical laboratory and drill hole testing equipment. Providing consultancy and development services in geophysics, hydro-geology and mineral exploration

Guna Trading House P.L.C.

Activities are import, export, wholesale and commission agent-ship with an average annual turnover of 50 million USD. Exporting oil seeds, Natural Gum, Coffee, Pulses & spices.

Almeda Textile Factory P.L.C.

The biggest textile manufacturing company in Ethiopia. It has 100million Birr sales volume. The company is ISO 9001, KEA and QSAE certified

Express Transit Service P.L.C. (EXTRAN)

One of the few companies in the Ethiopia licensed in both, Freight Forwarding and Shipping services.

Mesfin Industrial Engineering P.L.C.

Engaged in the fabrication of metal and steel products, machinery for the manufacturing of construction, agricultural, mining, energy and transport sectors for domestic and export markets.

Sheba Tannery P.L.C.

One of the leading tanneries existing in Ethiopia in its product mix, capacity, organizational setup and machinery. The tannery produces semi-finished and finished leather products.

Trans Ethiopia P.L.C.

Trucking company established to provide dry and liquid cargo transportation services. It is also involved in other business activities such as importing and distribution of tires, selling fuel, and much more.

Experience Ethiopia Travel

Operates a wide variety of tours, appealing to all interests, such as historic, cultural, trekking, mountain climbing, bird watching, safari, etc

Main office location

  • Messebo Cement, Mekele, Ethiopia
  • +(251) 344 409271 / 344 410862
  • +(251) 344 410863
  • Marketing & sales office
  • + (251) 344405803 /344410381
  • + (251)344408035/344407972
  • + (251) 344 405804

A.A Office

  • +(251) 11-5-58175/58 /59/ 60
  • +(251) 11-5-581757 / 62