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Sales Distribution Regions of Messebo Products


Tigrai Amhara Addis Abeba Addis Abeba
Mekelle Gonder
Bahir Dar
Addis Abeha Liaison Office
Tel +2513 4440 9600
Fax +2514 444 5804
       +2514 4440 5805
    Tel  +251114 66 3292
         0114 16 8047
Fax +0114 66 3403




To satisfy the customer through out the country and stabilize the demand and supply at equilibrium Messebo cement has an arrangement for delivery of cement to different parts of the country. Customers are  free to lift cement from the factory gate on their own transport .

has a great stand on distributing to every Ethiopian and make to have a house of his own.

In addition to the local sales Messebo Cement has been practicing for longer duration exporting cement .Sudan was among the abroad customers

Exported Cement Products
Sales 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06
Cement Sales To Sudan in Birr 3260284.86 16,601,448.79 3,770,208.09
Cement Sales To Sudan in USD 376,532.00 3,401,749.01 4,351,281.01